How do I begin the online application process?
To begin the Foundation’s grant application process, just click on the box labeled Grant Application or try this link here.

Do I have to create an account to access the online application?
No. An account is not required in order to access and submit an online application.

Can I print a copy of the online application to review and prepare my answers, before I actually begin the application?
Yes. You may print a blank application. Go to the Grant Application and on the bottom left is a “print” link.

Must a signed and completed Form W9 be included in our application?
Yes. To be eligible for a grant, applicants must provide a W9 with their tax identification number.

If I am in the middle of writing my application, can I save it and continue working later?
Yes. Click “Save for later” at the bottom of the page, and the information you have entered will be stored for later retrieval. Once you select “Save for later” you will receive a link to access your form. SAVE THIS LINK.

I saved my application from a previous session. How do I get to it?
You must use the link that was generated when you selected “Save for later”.

Does the online application have a spell check feature?
Yes, all of the narrative questions have a spell check feature.

How do I submit attachments in the online system?
Applicants must upload ALL required documents to the online application. Follow the instructions on the Attachments page of the online application. High-speed internet access will streamline the application process, but it is not required.

How much space is available when adding attachments?
The maximum size for all attachments from an applicant combined is 25 MB.

I submitted an application, but forgot to add an attachment. What should I do?
If you forgot to submit an attachment, please e-mail it to We ask that you include your organization name in the e-mail subject line.

Are there any system requirements for submitting online grant applications?
There are no special system requirements for completing an online grant application. High-speed internet access will streamline the application process, but it is not required.

Are there any special steps to submitting my application?
Not really, but it is a 2-step process. To submit your application, you will first PREVIEW it. After you review it you select “Submit your USSSF Grant Application Form”.



How do I know if my application was received the Artistic Swimming Foundation?
You will know that you have successfully submitted your form when you see a webpage that thanks you for your submission. You will also receive an email confirmation later. If you did NOT receive an email confirmation, contact to make sure your application was received.

Once an application has been submitted, can it be retrieved or edited by the applicant?
Before the submission deadline, yes. We do recommend printing your draft application and carefully proofreading your responses before submitting an application. Please contact us at if you have questions or concerns regarding your application.

What if my system crashes while I am submitting my application online?
The online grant application system has been designed to minimize the loss of information. You must click “Save for later” for the system to save the information you have entered. We recommend using the “Save for later” option frequently.

Is my organization’s information secure when I apply online?
The Artistic Swimming Foundation takes your privacy seriously. We do not rent, sell or share personal information about grant applications with other people or with nonaffiliated companies or organizations, without your prior permission.

How secure is the website that hosts the online application process?
Artistic Swimming Foundation uses CaptainForm system to accept applications and applications via the Internet. CaptainForm’s Amazon servers are highly secured and backed up daily. Their parent company has been successful in the form building field since 2008. For more information read CaptainForm’s Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use.

If I am awarded a grant, are there specific guidelines for submitting grant reports?
Once approved, grantees must submit all interim and final reports. You can download the template for the Interim Grant Report here and the Final Grant Report here. The Final Grant Report is due no later than July 31.

Whom should I contact if I have a question concerning the online application?
E-mail with any grant questions, technical concerns or problems.