Training Sharpens Skills of Stingrays Coaches

Two elite coaches with a chance to change an organization. Impact comes in many forms, but in Bozeman Minnesota, impact came with helping hands and some new synchro skills.

Stingray athletes learn new synchro skills to improve technique and advance development.

The USSSF provided the Bozeman Stingrays Synchronized Swim Club with a $1,200 grant for two weekends of coaches training clinics lead by two high-level coaches. The grant provided the Stingrays with the opportunity to not only update their coaches and swimmers on new figures, elements and techniques for synchro skills, but also further develop and advance the knowledge base of this small grassroots club.

With limited resources to recruit coaches, the Bozeman Stingrays faced challenges retaining and training new coaches for the team. Luckily in 2017, the Stingrays were fortunate enough to obtain four returning coaches and seized the opportunity to invest in the long-term benefits a coaches training clinic could provide.

In its application, the Bozeman Stingrays requested funding to “have two weekends of coaches training” lead by elite professionals, which ultimately yielded significant rewards for the club. Alison Williams from USA Synchro and Head Coach of the Sacramento Synchro Club taught one clinic, while Teagan Betancourt from USA Synchro and coach for Rocky Mountain Splash taught the other. Each clinic provided Bozeman coaches with different skills and knowledge that have now parlayed throughout the organization.

Stingray coaches put their newly learned coaching skills to the test to improve form and efficiency through out the organization.

Alison brought in a different coaching style and organizational method that inspired efficient changes to the coaches’ practice schedules. Teagan brought knowledge on new technical skills, while providing feedback and education to the coaches. “This grant allowed us to bring new information to the club that we would not have otherwise had,” Mary B. Wall, Bozeman Stingrays said.

The USSSF believed this grant request from the Bozeman Stingrays embodied the foundation’s mission to support grassroots development, while furthering the synchro education among coaches and athletes. This grant has impacted those within the Bozeman organization and will continue to deliver for years to come.

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