University of Michigan’s Synchro Coach Ups Her Game

In a sport where an athlete’s precision, technique and skills are vital aspects for success, an athlete’s training is essential to achieving it. However, while an athlete’s success is important, a coach’s knowledge is key. The USSSF provided the University of Michigan Synchronized Swimming Club with a $430 grant to fund a coach’s training program, which will play a significant role in the club’s journey to becoming a nationally competitive team.

With the grant, Kaitlyn Haller, assistant coach for the University of Michigan Synchronized Swimming Club, was able to attend the three-session Coaching Certification Program put on by USA Synchro. This grant allowed Kaitlyn to advance her knowledge and skill set as a coach to better the athletes of the University of Michigan Synchronized Swimming Club.

Kaitlyn Haller attending the Coaching Certification Program to enhance her knowledge as a coach for the benefit of her team.

The CCP aims to keep synchronized swimming coaches up to date on safety and risk management, skill development and ethical protocol, so coaches leave the program equipped with essential tools to advance their teams in a positive and impactful way.

Session one of the CCP creates a common knowledge base for coaches to review vital information and build a sound foundation for athletes to grow. Kaitlyn enhanced her coaching philosophy, objectives and style, while reviewing the fundamentals of the sport.

Session two is intended to provide coaches an overall exposure of the sport through a “learn by do” method. Kaitlyn developed her coaching skills further by creating daily lesson plans, writing and teaching routines and instructing basic fundamentals.

Session three provides coaches with the opportunity to learn specific topics within the sport to continue the coach’s knowledge development. Kaitlyn was able to choose from a library of topics that include the sport’s latest trends, videos from synchro clinics, judging perspectives and more.

The University of Michigan Synchronized Swimming Club trains by its mission to encourage swimmer’s growth as athletes and individuals. The club promotes teamwork, love of sport and creates an environment of sportsmanlike conduct for all levels of competition and ability. The club’s mission parallels the beliefs and fundamentals that sustain the USSSF. The foundation supports the University of Michigan Synchronized Swimming Club and believes in the importance of coach’s training and the positive impact it has for all synchro athletes.

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